Watch the evacuation of an enormous ‘ice sheet’ zit stuck inside somebody’s ear

The web’s most vital pimple popping recordings are immortal — regardless of when they were first distributed, they get shared over and over and once more. That is the thing that occurred on Monday, when a clogged pore video distributed the previous summer made a resurgence on Reddit.

The video was first transferred in July 2016 by affirmed aesthetician Josefa Reina, who’s for some time been prevalent among prepared pimple popping fans. This week, Redditor chewbacca2hot shared it on the/r/popping subreddit.

The video is formally titled “Monster Blackheads – Part II,” yet on Reddit, chewbacca2hot portrayed it in a more reminiscent manner: “Icy mass in ear.”

Furthermore, the included zit truly resembles an ice sheet. What you can see from the surface records for just a little part of its aggregate size. This is the sort of extraction that’ll make your jaw drop — regardless of whether you’ve seen ear zits previously. It’s no big surprise the video has gotten in excess of 9 million perspectives.