Head massage to help you relax after a hard day

Massage is the best technique for relaxation and also has positive effects on overall health. One of the best things you can do for yourself is self-massage..

Massage improves metabolism, stimulates the secretion of sweat, mobilizes fat, improves blood flow and accelerates the flow of blood through the tissue. Massage is also good when it comes to beauty of the skin because it makes it supple and healthy. Hence we get a youthful look.

Massaging helps eliminate lactic acid, facilitates digestion and affects the muscles stretch and relax reflex

It is advised to massage the feet every night before sleeping. It will be effective after 15 minutes.

This foot massage is healthy and that is because many nerves are on the soles and the opposites of those nerves are scattered through the body. So, feet are like a map of our whole organism. If you massage them, you also impact other body parts. That is why feet are crucial for overall well being too, not just the nervous system. Basically, massaging is just pressure on certain spots on the body. Press firmly for a few seconds and move the fingers to some other spot.