Over 108-Year-Old Woman Said Secret To Long Life Is Avoiding Men

A 109-year-old lady in Scotland said in January that the key to her life span is this: Eat your porridge and maintain a strategic distance from men. Centenarian Jessie Gallan, who never wedded, was conceived in a minor two-room cultivate bungalow where she rested “top-to-tail” with her five sisters and a sibling on a straw sleeping cushion, detailed The Daily Mail.

Gallan told the daily paper that her “mystery to a long life has been avoiding men. They’re simply more inconvenience than they’re worth.” She noticed that she likewise “ensured that I got a lot of activity, eat a pleasant warm bowl of porridge each morning and have never gotten hitched.”

A year ago when she turned 108, she credited her porridge — yet not maintaining a strategic distance from men — as the purpose behind her life span.

The most established individual on the planet is right now Susannah Mushatt Jones, who turned 116 over the late spring. She guarantees that eating bacon is the key to long life.

A year ago, a national review of centenarians in the United States found that the key to long life incorporate a lot of time with loved ones and a pledge to wellness.