These 5+ Hideaway Hacks Are Too Clever To Keep Secret

Light Key-Holder
Materials: Power bore, Spade boring tool, Pill Bottle, Sticker, Key

– Using the power bore and spade connection, bore a gap into the container of the light, about indistinguishable circuit from the pill bottle.
– Place pill bottle into the natural hollow you have made with the goal that the mouth of the container is confronting outward.
– Place key within the container, and seal with the sticker to shroud the gap and keep enter set up.

Sliding Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

Materials: Photo Frame, Hot paste firearm

– Break off best bit of edge.
– Hot paste the support of the edge to the rest of the parts of the casing
– Hot paste the severed best piece to the photograph.
– Slide top piece once again into edge to for a separable compartment.

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