Raccoon Jumps Off ninth Floor Of Building, Pops Back Up Like Nothing Happened

Raccoon resembles feline with 9 lives?

A man on an excursion in Ocean City, New Jersey caught unimaginable video of a raccoon scaling the side of a building and climbing a few stories.
Micha Rea, a South Carolina occupant, was strolling the promenade with companions when he says they recognized the raccoon about nine stories up in favor of a building.

Rea broke out his camera and began recording. He films the raccoon clutching the mass of a condo complex, before demonstrating the gathering of individuals who had assembled, including creature control.

When the camera swings back to the raccoon, the critter has chosen it’s an ideal opportunity to get off the divider. The raccoon seems to jump off the divider, turning as it tumbles to the ground.

In the video, you can see somebody on an overhang endeavoring to get it, yet sadly, misses. The effect is difficult to watch, yet the raccoon pops straight up and keeps running off.
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