8 ways easy sewing hacks you need in your Life

We’ve all been in circumstances when we wish there was a needle and string (securely) reserved in our pack. Possibly you get a tear in your most loved pants (the ones you decline to wash for this very reason), or the lash on your gathering dress all of a sudden severs while you’re out for the night. Of course, on the off chance that you are the sort who dependably has a sewing unit close by, you should need to take what you know to the following level, figuring out how to tailor pants that are too enormous or sew an ideal hover on that extravagant texture you just grabbed. These are for the most part hacks that could without much of a stretch prove to be useful, paying little respect to your ability level.

Regardless of whether you’re a tenderfoot or an expert, to enable you to hone your sewing aptitudes (play on words expected), we concocted the seven sewing hacks you should keep in your back pocket. So next time you witness a closet glitch (or experience one yourself), you can venture in to spare the day. Give your needle and string a chance to be your mystery weapon — simply try to utilize a thimble, in light of the fact that nobody likes to be pricked by a sharp needle. Ouch, and forget about it!

Torn jeans?


  • needle and thread


  1. Flip the jeans inside out and cut off the torn threads from the hole you’re wanting to repair.
  2. Take your needle and thread and sew horizontally across the hole in the jeans, recreating the classic distressed look.

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