It’s awesome summer with 7 clever summer hacks

Keep the great occasions up with these 7 Summer hacks! We have hacks from keeping that excruciating sunburn under control to keeping your telephone from being stolen while at the shoreline. Need to reproduce our hacks? Look at the rundown of materials required beneath and take after alongside the video above!

Biking with a dress

Don’t ride your bike in fear of flashing the world!



  1. Place the coin behind the back of your dress
  2. Bring the front and back of the dress together
  3. Starting on the front of the dress, wrap the hair tie around the coin until it’s tight.

Prevent theft at the beach

Nobody’s going to want to steal a poopy diaper.


  • baby diaper
  • chocolate
  • your personal items (ex: phone, wallet, keys)


  1. Open up the diaper and place each of your personal items inside the diaper.
  2. Fold the diaper closed and fold the wings to seal it closed.
  3. Slide a piece of a chocolate bar partially into the diaper.
  4. Allow the chocolate to melt under the sun.




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