Most dog lovers enable their pups to lick them generally. With those lovable faces, however might we tend to not? however in rare cases, dog spittle may be very dangerous. A Wisconsin man contractile a probably deadly bacterium when enjoying some caring dog kisses, and doctors were forced to take away each of his legs similarly as his hands.

Greg Manteufel, 48, attended a locality party at a park close to his home. That’s wherever the fateful licks befell.

“There were like 5 dogs at the party… i used to be touching all of them as a result of i like dogs,” Greg told within Edition. “I finished up not laundry my hands and rubbing my eye or my face or my mouth somehow.”

Dog spittle typically contains a bacterium known as Capnocytophaga canimorsus. The bacterium is found in seventy fifth of dogs — and in cats similarly — however it seldom causes infections in humans. once it will, though, the results may be fatal.

Shortly when the party, Greg developed infection. His wife, Dawn Manteufel, rush him to the hospital. He was delirious, and it “looked like someone beat him up with a lumber,” Dawn told WITI. among moments of being admitted to the hospital, Greg went into septic shock.

In addition to losing his legs and hands, Greg is on the point of lose his nose, too. however he’s not home on what he’s lost. He’s simply appreciative to be alive.

“He didn’t survive to put in bed and cry regarding it,” Dawn aforementioned.

If Greg’s story causes you to need to ne’er pet a dog once more, don’t fret. Greg’s doctors say ninety nine of dog homeowners can ne’er alter this issue. There’s invariably atiny low likelihood of infection, however most dog licks area unit utterly harmless.

“In my opinion, you’ll be able to still have your dog lick you, and yes, you’ll be fine,” says physician Dr. Jeffrey Werber.

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