We make sure 90 percent of the population hasn’t seen these 10 strange photos, what about you?

Great nature always contains so many interesting things that we normally cannot witness.

1. Fish has wings and knows how to fly

Flying fish is a unique species of fish in the world. It has long body, slender back and white stomach. What special is that it can fly. We can see this fish in the South Central Coast, especially in Quang Nam sea, Vietnam.

2. Have you ever seen any “weird” egg like this?

3. This tiger seems rare and valuable.

This is golden tiger. The name originates from its sweet color.  The stripes are brown due to color variation, this color variation is rare because it is from a recessive gene.

4. A lemon with a strange shape makes viewers excited.

5. Please stand in line line before we start!

The Australian caterpillar follow each other as long as a river passing through the grass.

6.A young tree is miraculously regenerated from an old tree root that was cut.

7. The wind blows the extremely strange and rare snow wheels.

The weather forecast expert Christopher Blanchett explains: “The wind blows snowflakes rolling on the ground, eventually creating a sphere. It is a natural snow globe. ”

8.Have you ever seen this magnificent scene?

According to the legend of the West, if someone finds a leg of rainbow , they will find a jar of gold filled right there.